Process technology
Investment Casting Process

Investment Casting. Often called lost wax casting, is regarded as a precision casting process to fabricate near-net shaped metal parts poured from almost any alloy including: stainless steel, aluminum, brass, ....
Sand Casting Process

Sand combined with a suitable binder can be packed or rammed rigidly about a pattern. When the pattern is removed, a cavity corresponding to the shape of the part remains.The upper half of the . ....
About us
Ningbo Tiancheng Casting& Machining Manufacturer is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of various casting parts and machining parts .We have a wide variety of Castings which including Copper Castings,Aluminum Castings,Iron Castings,Casting Machining.Ningbo Tiancheng located in Ningbo, the famous port city in Ningbo. The factory was founded in 1998, over the years , we have grown from 70 workers to 250 ,from only one foundry to three foundries and a machining center and we are still growing. Growing to meet your mechanical component requirements. The output for brass,aluminum casting is 1000tons per year, for casting iron is 300tons, for the others material is about 1000tons. We believe that the output will be more next year.More.
Copper Castings
when steel castings changes, it bears heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion.
Steel Castings
Iron Castings is widely applied in the machinery manufacturing industry to replace
Aluminum Castings
A world class manufacturer & supplier of lost wax investment castings in carbon.